Here is a selection of monotypes, prints and drawings. For a description of techniques used see About My Work. Although the gallery is updated regularly, inevitably, some originals will have sold. Most originals are however available as good quality limited edition prints. Please contact me for more information.

'Moonlight Flit' collograph, 55cmsx55cms framed, AVAILABLE
'Hardy Galloway' charcoal SOLD
'Competitors' charcoal, SOLD
'Mavericks' charcoal, 68cmsx89cms framed, AVAILABLE
'Red Ruby Brothers' Pastel, 106cmsx63cms framed, AVAILABLE
'Protective Mother' charcoal, 77cmsx77cms, AVAILABLE
'The Watchman' monoprint, 79cmsx65cms framed, AVAILABLE
'Windswept Galloway' charcoal, 66.5cmsx66.5cms framed, AVAILABLE
'Bewitched' pastel, 80cmsx63cms, COMMISSION
'Dartmoor Mare' monoprint, SOLD
'His Gentle Good Nature' charcoal, SOLD
'Hare' pastel, 66cmsx66cms framed AVAILABLE
'Watchful Hare' charcoal, SOLD
'On the Run' monoprint, SOLD
'In Flight' monoprint, 70cmsx70cms, AVAILABLE